Study information is subject to change and is a summary of the general fields of study. Duration: 1 - 3 years: Unit for Energy and Technology Systems: 7CE N01 Town and Regional Planner / Urban and City Planner at: Extended Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Extended Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics, Extended Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Risk Management, Extended Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics. Master of Health Sciences in Recreation Science. For a more detailed description of a career as a management accountant, visit the website. 14 August 2020. The degree gives you access to a wide variety of career opportunities, as management principles are applied in all organisations. Some of the challenges of Sesotho include the National Language Plan, the marketing of linguistic human rights, language as economic resource, the economy of language and the National Curriculum Statement. ... NWU Pukke: North-West University: Fanie du Toit Sports Complex: UP-Tuks: University of Pretoria: Tuks Stadium: TUT: Tshwane University of Technology: ... University of the Witwatersrand: Bidvest Stadium: Qualification. They accomplish this by combining knowledge of electronics, measurement and actuation, embedded systems and control theory to control mechanical structures and mechanisms. To register for English as a Home Language (HL), English as First Additional Language (FAL) on level 5 (minimum 65%) is required. Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences in Human Movement Sciences. ), Private consultancy firms (Town Planners), Architects, Land surveyors, Engineering companies, Estate Agents, Developers and other related built environment professions, Physical Sciences OR Life Sciences level 4, various NGOs that deal in and agriculture and rural development, Support services (e.g S.A Cane growers association), Development Corporations and Finance Institutions, Matriculation with exemption OR Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) OR GCE certification and an application for conditional exemption with HESA (. Prof Martie S Lubbe. voltyds, deeltyds) NEW QUALIFICATION NUWE KWALIFIKASIE NEW QUALIFICATION CODE NUWE … Statisticians have the advantage of combining their interest with almost any other field of study, especially in science, business, medicine technology, education, etc. ASSESSMENT CRITERION 2 This qualification further creates the basis for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education … List Of Courses Offered At North-West University (NWU) List Of Courses Offered At North-West University (NWU) North-West University (NWU) Faculties And Courses Offered. Although this qualification offers graduates access to the entire tourism industry, BCom qualifications are focused on the management of the industry and businesses. NAVADMIN 081/11: Navy Uniform Update - NWU Update. */ Information Communication and Technology. Chemical engineering is one of the top 10 scarce skills in South Africa. Some faculties also have centres and institutes offering short courses, other types of skills … Research report; Moot court; Law Clinic Project The qualification serves for the training and education of exercise trainers, fitness trainers or sports organisers. BCom qualifications are focused on the management of the industry and businesses. The appropriate yearbook is available on request at: / 018 285 4320 / Here is an approximate structure for our mainstream BSc degrees: Obtaining the qualification BSc in Physical and Chemical Sciences offers you diverse career opportunities available in various industries and organisations, such as: Physicists, specifically, are needed in the following fields/institutions: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND GEO AND SPATIAL (ENVIRONMENTAL) SCIENCES: Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Languages (BA), Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Psychology (BA), Bachelor of Theology in Christian Ministry (BTh in Christian Ministry). This qualification will be offered through a distance learning approach and is certified, upon successful completion of all the modules, by the North-West University (NWU). This one-year qualification is the CTA accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). An applicable four (4) year bachelor’s degree (ECSA-accredited) in engineering or an equivalent qualification. Whatever you study, French will always be useful, because it enables you to function in a working environment which has contact with French speaking partners or clients. logistics or procurement for retailers such as Shoprite Checkers or Pick n Pay), Government departments such as the Department of Trade and Industry, National Treasury as well as the South African Reserve Bank, Positions in banks, financing companies and provincial trade and investment promotion organisations, Export credit insurance and risk analysts, Mathematics level 3 OR Mathematical Literacy level 6. Any mine or manufacturer in South Africa and abroad will greatly benefit from your skills. North-West University (NWU) Chartered Accountancy Courses. A pass rate of at least 60% (level 5) for non-designated modules, An average mark above 70% in Mathematical Literacy will be considered, Late applications will be considered on merit. Which programmes are offered by the NWU? A National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Degree … Bachelor of Nursing – 8NE H01 – G401 P/M. Bachelor of Education Honours ( BEdHons) Bachelor of Education (BEd) Diploma in Grade R Teaching. Qualification code: 8DH N01. Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Senior and Further Education and Training Grade 7 – 12, Subject specific requirements: Home language on level 4 OR English First additional language on level 5. Varsity Sports was expanded in 2012 to include other sporting codes. Curriculum code Potchefstroom Campus: R401P. The official yearbook of the University must in all cases be consulted during the process of compiling a programme for a specific field of study. Submitted as hard or scanned copies: ... Names, qualifications, professional registration and functions of all the other co-workers (researchers, postgraduate students in the case of a research study and assistants who form part of the study team) should be indicated. undergraduate qualifications can be done on the basis of the Grade 11 application fee of R to study at the NWU' 'SAQA QUAL ID QUALIFICATION TITLE May 13th, 2018 - QUALIFICATION TITLE 91726 Diploma In Grade R Of Education At The University Of Wellington And This Grade R Diploma Both Are Three Year Qualifications' 'APPLY TO NWU NORTH WEST UNIVERSITY They may find employment in various government departments such as Statistics South Africa where they will be involved in collecting, processing and analysing data for planning; non-governmental organisations; civic society organisations; international development agencies; academic and research institutions; and national and provincial population units that undertake demographic and related activities. Computer and electronic engineering is the number one scarce skill in South Africa. In the School of Communication, students learn the skills necessary to become communication, media and public relations practitioners, and informed and critical media producers and consumers. This verification process is the responsibility of the applicant and not that of the NWU… As a mechanical engineer you will work in South Africa or abroad in the following industries: Industrial Engineers enable people, technology, information, materials, methods and money to work together productively and effectively. NAVADMIN 075/11 Uniform Board Update - Update to NAVADMIN 070/11 . As a computer and electronic engineer you will have great employment prospects in South Africa and abroad. This means that prospective students who comply with the minimum requirements will not automatically be admitted to the courses in question. NWU Potchefstroom NWU Unit for Open Distance Learning Call Centre 018 285 5900 Open Learning Group Call Centre 011 670 4850 DISCLAIMER: Information in this publication is subject to change and has been compiled as a general introduction and orientation only. Students can only apply online via the NWU website. This degree creates specific access to careers such as: organisation managers, tourism managers, communications managers, marketers, researchers, lecturers, consultants, guesthouse managers and event managers in both private and public enterprises. NWU Referencing Guide. Some courses … Therefore, Sociology is important and very useful if you are interested in any of the following career paths: ¹Usually requires an Honours degree in Sociology ²Specialised qualification, but Sociology is central to it. The chemical industry is one of the greatest gross domestic product contributors in South Africa. 2. Communications managers can work in various types of industries from the educational sector to food and beverage and technical industries. The nursing profession is essential in promoting health, prevention and treatment of disease conditions and care for a dignified death of a patient. Social services and health care – you can help to make these services accessible to the Deaf in your workplace. Qualification code: 0216X – HHS: NQF level: 6: Total credits: 360: SAQA ID: 5365: APS/AS: 20: Maximum time to complete this qualification: 8 years: Admission and re-admission requirements Qualification admission requirements. Interpreters may work in government institutions such as courts, and in legislatures and community projects on national, provincial and local level. Compulsory courses during study period: 35 law modules; 1 language module and 3 language proficiency modules; 1 Non-law module; 5 practical law modules and. Type of programme (Structured / Research): Research, Specific modules required for admission to programme: None, Research product: Full fulfilment of the requirements of the degree, Final mark: Ratio determination Research vs modules) - 100% research product (Average mark of 2 Examination reports), Type of programme (Structured / Research): Thesis, Final mark: Ratio determination Research vs modules) - 100% research product (Average mark of 3 Examination reports). It creates specific access to careers such as tourism economists, tourism managers, marketers, researchers, lecturers, consultants, guesthouse managers and event managers in both private and public enterprises. 2. *There are a variety of POSSIBLE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for someone with a BSc, especially at the NWU, because our programmes have combinations of 2 majors. O601P. ASSESSMENT CRITERION 1. Nursing centres. (Nuclear Engineers (post grad studies) design systems that utilizes nuclear processes for energy.) An … Industries include: Electromechanical engineers ensure the safe and efficient operations of plants and factories by combining elements of electrical and mechanical engineering. We will only provide the qualification codes for a number of diploma qualifications, and then give you a link that will enable you to view the breakdown of the modules and rules that apply for all diplomas . Qualifications Authority (SAQA)), to align all qualifications with ... (HEQSF). As an industrial engineer you will work in South Africa or abroad in the following industries: Mechatronic Engineers develop and support the advanced industrial automation systems of the future that make use of the internet of things. PC: Afrikaans/Sesotho/Setswana as HL AND English as FAL; Subject specific requirements: Mathematics level 3 (minimum 45%) OR Technical Mathematics level 4 (at least 50%). Unisa's BEd qualification. Overview Duration: Minimum 4 Years BEd Foundation Phase (Grade R - 3) Programme code: 4BH J01 (Contact) - 4BJ J01 (Distance) Curriculum code: 0420 P BEd lntermediate Phase (Grade 4 - 6) Curriculum code Mahikeng Campus: R401M. Please note that, owing to specific capacity constraints, the University reserves the right to select candidates for admission to certain fields of study. for a publishing house), Layout and design editor (using desktop publishing or web design skills). National Senior Certificate (NSC) - 2008 and after. A communication practitioner can work at any organisation (for- or non-profit) or government department - anywhere where an organisation has the need to communicate with people internally and externally. Curriculum: G801P. NAVADMIN 259/11 NWU I, II and III, CUU . At least one subject from the Natural Sciences passed on level 4 (designated natural science subjects: Mathematics OR Physical OR Agricultural OR Life Sciences). Home Language AND First Additional Language level 4. full time, part time) HUIDIGE MVA (waar van toepassing, bv. Teaching (when combined with postgraduate teaching certificate/diploma), Language technology (when combined with language technology degree), Language specialisation in government & industry sectors, Curriculum design (requires postgraduate study), Teaching English as a second or other language, Teaching (requires a postgraduate teaching certificate/diploma), Specialised secretarial and administrative work, Speech pathology (requires further study), Academia & research (within a tertiary environment), Academia & research (within tertiary environment), Language practitioner (government & private sector). Bachelor of Commerce in Operations Research. 4EB L01. Deaf education – you can become a teacher at a school for the Deaf. Qualification code: PDPJ20 - NQF Level 8 (120 credits) SAQA ID: 104707, CHE NUMBER: H/H16/E120CAN Campus where offered: Pretoria Campus REMARKS a. Form 1 is a faculty situation analysis to determine the viability of a new qualification or academic programme, and the market appetite and sustainability of a proposed new qualification or new mode of delivery. Curriculum. Prospective students must take notice of the fact that NWU qualification names, programme names as well as the composition of curricula may change due to the HEQSF Project, prior to registration for the 2018 academic year. Social Psychology - PYC4803; Honours: Year module: NQF level: 8: Credits: 12: Module presented in English: Module presented online: Co-requisite: HMPYC80 Purpose: Social psychology is the scientific study of the nature and causes of behaviour in social contexts or situations.In our course we examine the fundamental connection between individuals and situations. An official body appointed by the ministers of Education and Labour to oversee the development of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) in South Africa. Chemical Engineers are involved in the research, design, development and management of industrial processes where raw materials are converted to products with higher economic value. Distance learning qualifications. NWU Nursing Courses The following are the North-West University Nursing Courses available for the 2020/2021 academic year. Advanced Diploma in Teaching (ADT) Advanced Diploma in Education … Qualification was based on the 2014 University Sports South Africa National Club Championships. A master’s degree or equivalent qualification as approved by Senate is required in the particular field of specialization. Because of the capacity limitations and the high demand from students for admission to particular fields of study, students will be selected on the basis of their Grade 12 results for admission to these fields. c) Another recognised qualification that allows the student to attain equivalent status which is approved by the Faculty Board. registration for the relevant academic year. The core modules include Financial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Management Accounting & Finance. It follows that the NWU is continuously in process of aligning our qualification and programme offering with the requirements of the HEQSF. NS(C) OR NC(V) for degree studies, or with full matriculation exemption; Home language level 5 AND First Additional Language level 5. I/we, the undersigned, will be responsible for the prompt payment of all and any money payable to the NWU in terms of my/the learner’s enrolment and/or association with these NWU, now and in future more fully set out. Campus … Qualification Code. PROGRAMME Qualification Code Minimum APS English as a home language AND/OR English as a first or sec ond additional language CAREER CAMPUS DEGREE PROGRAMMES FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHING BEd Degree in Foundation Phase Teaching (4 years) FOUNDATION PHASE TEACHING GRADE R-3 B5BFPQ 26 5 (60%+) OR 6 (70%+) Educator focusing on primary school teaching SWC The purpose of our qualifications is to enable students to operate with authority and with great professionalism in the media and corporate environments in profit and non-profit organisations. The Research@NWU; Research Entities; NRF rated scientists at NWU; NWU Experts; Research Support; Technology Transfer and Innovation Support; Institutional Repository; Library; News & Media . NWU Expanded Wear Update. Qualification code: 5ELL01; Curriculum code: E601P Qualification code: 5EWL01; Curriculum code: E601P BA Honours Labour Relations Management: ... • Over and above the NWU application fees, successful applicants have to pay a selection fee of R250 to the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management before they will be allowed to continue with the selection process. • First years will receive a sms on 10 January regarding your pin. CEN - NWU. It is important to note that all programmes that link to one qualification must adhere to all the externally approved information as summarised in the internal qualification standard. It is important to note that all programmes that link to one qualification must adhere to all the externally approved information as summarised in the internal qualification standard. • This qualification will also provide a vast number of under- and unqualified Grade R practitioners with the opportunity to gain access to a higher education qualification. Mechatronic Engineers will find employment in: The North-West University offers hands-on practical experience in on-campus laboratories for electronics and industrial automation. One North-West University (NWU) student and two alumni will represent the university when netball stars from South Africa and... read more Cyber Security Awareness at the NWU 17/11/2020 - 08:29